2014 Ged Essay Rubric

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Presenters will share what effective feedback in writing looks like, promising practices for providing effective feedback, and explore how to use the GED writing rubrics in assessing student writing and providing feedback.

Practitioners will have guided time to begin developing an assessment and feedback system for their context that is effective and sustainable.

Each GED® Test (RLA, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, and Science) on the GED® is scored on a scale from 100 to 200.

There are four possible scores that you can receive on the GED® Test: Not Passing: This indicates that you scored lower than 145 on any of the four tests.

Additionally it reviews the teaching and learning cycle, focusing on curriculum design, including lesson planning and development within the context of an adult education science unit. ATLAS, MNI alumni, and the MN 2014 GED PD initiative have teamed up to bring you a series of enhanced webinar experiences, all focused on the 2014 GED math content areas that MN ABE practitioners highlighted as areas of need.

2014 Fall Regionals - Writing Institute The Writing Institute was a day-long professional development opportunity on writing instruction.

With the changes of the 2014 GED® Test, it's important for teachers to know the changes and have resources to help students meet the new expectations.

This page is intended to share professional development and instructional resources that have been shared through the MN Supplemental Services grant work completed 2013-2016.

For more detail on passing score standards, visit the testmaker’s website.

Test-takers must earn a minimum of 145 on each subject test in order to pass overall.


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