6 Steps Of Problem Solving

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If the support agent were to say, “’ That sounds pretty good, right?Providing the path to the resolution is key to ensuring the continued cooperation of the customer, and to develop a good relationship whilst you work together.

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Troubleshooting theory can be simply implemented with differential diagnostics.

Try something based on the symptoms and see how it responds, keep going until you have isolated down to the root cause. Of course, that may sound like guesswork to John, and this is where the support agent needs to display confidence and certainty in their words, and the actions they may ask John to perform.

But others may not be so interested in platitudes, and so a balanced approach may work best For John, simply saying “I the implications it may have for your home/family/business.” This is likely to be better received than if the support agent were to lean heavily on apologies, or flexing their logic-ceps, or even launching directly into twenty questions.

Sometimes this can be done in earnest to help the customer, but can seem severely detached. Investigation Although instinct may tell you to resolve their issue as quickly as possible, caution must be taken.

The last thing that will calm him is a robotic opening from the support agent.

What will calm him is letting him say everything he feels he to say 2.Although far less dramatic, a customer goes through a similar process. From the Support Agents perspective the best thing you can do is to make your introductions swiftly, so you can listen to the customer.When they first call it is because they have had their otherwise regular lives interrupted by our product or service – and it’s our job to either fix it or help them grow to the change that is needed. If they are particularly upset, sometimes you may need to wait until there is a 2-3 second pause as your cue to save the day.lately, particularly how the future of CX will be a ‘blended’ one.The blended approach will see Bots and humans work closely together to achieve greater things than they can individually.Dean Carroll is a Trainer and Quality Lead at Voxpro.He mastered the craft of having customer-facing conversations with positive outcomes over years of solving problems of varying complexity.To John, this can simply mean that he doesn’t need to repeat himself, and we get the big picture of the issue quickly. Path to Resolution When the symptoms have been clearly identified from investigation it should be clear to the support tech which issues match these symptoms, what needs to be done, and approximately how long it should take to resolve.Explaining this to John in clear and direct language can turn an average experience into a beautiful customer experience as it makes John feel like he is back in control and knows exactly what to expect – contrary to the unexpected behaviour that prompted contact in the first place.He is now responsible for new agent training and current agent upskilling.Like everything in life, a customer contact, be it via phone, chat or email invariably has a beginning, middle and end.


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