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If your book report requires a visual element, decide the best way to present the book to the class.

Some ideas might be a poster, 3D diorama, CD soundtrack, mock author interview, newspaper headlines or an alternative book cover.

Locate your favorite scene or character and write down several ideas about it. Review your teacher's guidelines and grading rubric for the book report and make sure you have done your best work.

Finally, enjoy sharing the book with your classmates.

We found some excellent biographies, classic books and short stories that are ideal for a middle school student. Whether you are looking to supplement your child’s learning or for a great summer reading list, simply click on the story link for a complete description and reviews from Amazon if you want to learn more.

Why provide your student with supplemental reading? Since 8th graders find themselves on the cusp of so much change, the 8th-grade year can often be a time of tremendous stress.

Some of the best ways to increase one’s ability to remember important details include reading and discussing books. When one reads, one is passing the thoughts of another human being through one’s mind.

Although lower-level readers will tend to accept all the content that they are engaging as truth, more advanced readers will begin to notice a separation between one’s own beliefs and the beliefs being presented in the work.

Pick a book that looks interesting to you, but also adheres to the book report guidelines.

Make sure it has the appropriate number of pages and is an approved genre (science fiction, mystery, romance, historical fiction, etc.). You may want to highlight or mark pages that you find especially important or interesting.


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