A Day In The Countryside Essay

Yearly several hundreds of them loose their agricultural function.The province asked us to do a research on the possibilities for transformation of abandoned and old farmyards.

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Opinion piece for the newspaper China Daily, by Harry den Hartog.

The inducement for writing this article was the Joint Declaration on the EU-China Partnership on Urbanization, signed by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and China's Vice-Premier Li Keqiang on .

This book gives some critical comment on the new policy, supplemented with appropriate suggestions.

We were invited by MAK (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art) to contribute a series of critical articles on pioneering architectural projects for an exhibit and accompanying catalog 'Contemporary Architecture and Spatial Practices in East Asia'.

Harry den Hartog wrote a number of columns, reports and an extensive essay as input for a series of meetings and debates with the aim to give an 'alternative' vision on future spatial tasks for The Netherlands.

The Dutch Province of Overijssel counts thousands of farmyards.What is the real shape of the public domain and how can architects respond to this phenomenon?Urban Language consulted with the international communications and strategy to be followed, and made a master plan, in a design competition regarding the redevelopment of a Russian island near Vladivostok.Urban growth is chiefly concentrated in fertile areas such as the Yangtze delta. To overcome the dichotomy between city and countryside, farmers must find a way to join the world economy.Analogously, spatial planning ought to focus on the intermediate areas between city and countryside.Essay on the works and experiences of Dutch architects in China.Urban Language was also invited as a guest-editor for a special edition about 'Dutch architecure'. The magazine also discusses recent projects and developments in the Netherlands.The magazine also discusses the state of architecture in the Netherlands.Urban Language made a series of reports and an essay, commissioned by the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), meant to explore the outlines of an 'Urban Agenda' for the 21st century.The poorer districts are located on the south side of town.Traditional hutongs have been torn down in favor of offices, hotels and shopping malls. The new five-year plan is based on the sustainable development of rural areas and a more fair distribution of income.


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