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Child abuse has been happening all over the world to young children, but many of these things are kept hidden, because the children are too scared to speak on the issues at home.People sometimes know what is going on but choice not to call the authorities because they feel it's not their concern.

Child abuse is any mistreatment to a child that injurers a child in any way, shape or form.

This report is about one type of child abuse, physical abuse.

If you want an assignment, perhaps your teacher will provide one - otherwise it should be one that you are willing to put the time and effort into researching and writing.

Writing what someone else thinks is interesting is just going to make your work harder and more boring.

Child abuse and neglect involves a betrayal of trust, care and protection within the very relationships upon which the child relies upon for care (Courtois & Ford, 2013).

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Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.4226/66/5a9dbe053362a Hurt and complex trauma resulting from childhood maltreatment has serious consequences for the lifespan development of the survivor (Kezelman, Hossack, Stavropoulos, & Burley, 2015; van der Kolk, 2014).Physical abuse is hurting a child by beating, kicking, or physically injuring a child in any way.The other two types of child abuse are emotional and verbal abuses. In the past I have view many TV ads on abuse but they really do not speak on the real issues You need to write your thesis statement since the rest of your paper/research will be based on that statement.If someone on Wiki does it for you there are several things that will happen.Childhood maltreatment research into intergenerational functioning and relationship outcomes in adults, however, is lacking.This thesis comprised a pilot and three studies investigating retrospective reports of childhood experiences and self-reports of current adult functioning outcomes.This stage leads you to sort out most significant problem or issue of it.This issue or problem will lay the base of your child abuse thesis writing task. Living our parents’ trauma: Effects of child abuse and neglect on the next generation (Thesis, Australian Catholic University).Psychological trauma arising from child abuse and neglect is referred to as complex, or developmental, trauma (Ford et al., 2013).


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