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He does not levitate beds, or fool around with little girls: is the most terrifying thing about the film.The Americans should certainly know more about evil than that; if they pretend otherwise, they are lying, and any black man, and not only blacks—many, many others, including white children— can call them on this lie, he who has been treated considerably more than Baldwin does, but even so, I think it's indisputable that he transforms the film.That case is the case that Shakespeare makes for writing drama, or that Jane Austen makes for writing novels, or that Wallace Stevens makes for writing poetry, or Tarkovsky for making films.

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In my opinion can this fact only be shown so explicitly in a film compared to other mediums eg.

written texts, because the viewer can see the feelings and gestures of the Indian people and this may tell you more than thousand words.

On the other hand does the good critic concerning the film as a medium for teaching confirm that most of the scenes are quiet realistic.

The movie Outsourced is in my opinion useful for informing about intercultural communication, because it mentions a wide variety of aspects in Indian culture, even if some are only explained shortly.

There is, though, a major exception: his book-length essay, Published in 1976, the piece can’t be categorized.

And it's a work of film theory, with Baldwin illuminating issues of gaze and identification in brief, lucid bursts., Alyssa Rosenberg explained that she writes about pop culture because "art and culture are deeply engaged with big, important ideas about the way we live our lives, the conditions we’re willing to let others live in and our most important priorities." I don't disagree with that, and I doubt Baldwin would either.But I think also makes a different case for writing about pop culture.In my opinion are films in general a great medium to provide information for students, because they make learning interesting.Further it is easier to understand the given content in the film, because the spoken information is supported by visual content so the viewer is learning through looking and listening, which corresponds to the easiest way of gaining knowledge.So watching the movie would definitely help you to prepare yourself for a stay in India.Taking the content of the film in regard to answer the question whether the movie Outsourced is a useful film to teach intercultural communication, you always have to bear in mind, that the major purpose of such a film is to entertain the viewer.From this point of view, I consider the movie Outsourced as a useful source to teach intercultural communication, because it provides insight in the Indian culture in an entertaining way and captured my interest during the whole film.It became really clear how big the differences between Indian and American culture really is.It is not a documentary, it is a mix between comedy, drama and romance.A further point that is rather critical is, that the film might be biased, because the producer wants to show the big culture clash between India and America and therefore some scenes might be presented exaggerated.


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