An A Day Keeps The Doctor Away Essay

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June 21, 2000 -- It turns out that eating an apple a day really does keep the doctor away -- but you've got to eat the peel.

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“Although some may jest, considering the relatively low cost of apples…, a prescription for apple consumption could potentially reduce national health care spending the aphorism holds true.” So, they compared daily apple-eaters to non-apple-eaters, and asked if they had been to the doctor in the last year, been hospitalized, seen a shrink, or took a prescription medication within the last month.

8,000 individuals surveyed, and only about one out of ten reported eating an apple over the last 24 hours.

Using colon cancer cells treated with apple extract, Liu and colleagues found that 50 milligrams of apple extracted from the skins decreased the cancer cell growth by 43%, while the same amount of extract from the flesh of the apple decreased cancer cell growth by 29%.

Likewise, 50 milligrams of extract from apples with the skin on decreased liver cancer cell growth by 57%, compared to 40% for samples extracted from apples without the skin.


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