Ankle Injury Essay

The act of taping an ankle to provide an external support has been evidenced in the literature dating back to the 1880’s when it was used by the U. Therefore, it is logical to assume that by mechanically limiting this excess in movement one might reduce the incidence of ankle sprain (Reisburg & Verstraete, 1992).

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Literature concerning ankle injuries is abundant, probably due to the high incidence in both the recreational and competitive athletes (Gross et al, 1987).

The most common ankle injury is a lateral sprain or inversion injury with more than 25 000 occurring each day in the U. Closer to home, Bridgeman et al (2003) found during a United Kingdom (UK) based epidemiology study that the incidence of ankle sprain related attendances to Accident and Emergency (A&E) accounted for 52.7 per 10 000 patients.


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