Antigone Individual Vs State Essay

Antigone Individual Vs State Essay-25
In fact, God is only mentioned a few times throughout the play.In my analysis I will frequently reference Sophocles’ Antigone as a comparative element in order to understand the frequent reproduction of Anouilh’s play.

She feels in control of her fate by choosing to die rather than live a life like her Uncle Creon…restricted by the expectations of society and reduced to compromise rather than personal liberty.

Her character fits within the realm of the individualistic argument.

Their laws must be followed because gods are superior amongst all human beings.

The moral laws which Antigone values are essential in this case because Kreon shows many negative qualities which make him appear as a tyrant king. Kreon considers that a state belongs to the most powerful man, which in this case is him.

This distinction furthers the argument that the play reflects the aforementioned debate well.

In contrast to Creon, Antigone can be seen as an authentic individual.

Political laws help determine what is just and unjust to prevent the chaos that might occur if everyone did what they think is right.

Kreon and Antigone exhibit both their negative and positive qualities throughout the play.

Antigone is a strong, courageous character and she has no fear towards death.

She believes that the burial of This will disturb the nether gods as well as the gods high up.


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