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Step 2: How to go on further with each type of AP Essay?

A- First of all, you should recognize the political issue associated with your essay question.

The goal of these review courses is a simple one: that every student in the room earn a 4 or a 5 on his or her AP Exam.

We have that simple goal in mind whenever we create the curriculum, write the review manuals they will be receiving, and choose the practice AP Questions we will be covering as a group. Over the past 4 years 67% of our students earned a 4 or a 5 (compared to the national average of 33%).

Information at All pass rates given are from results provided to us by students who took the course, and are our average pass rates from our past 5 years.

National pass rates based upon officially published pass rates from the Collegeboard for the courses we provided reviews for.Courses will be taught by CCPrep’s elite team of teachers: Robert Bennigsdorf (owner of CCPrep), Greg Williams (CCPrep’s Lead Instructor), Joey Elmasri (B. in Biology and teacher at Irvine HS), Josh Grossman (’16 Harvard and currently perform research at Stanford), Ken Ezratty (13 years teaching experience with AP Gov).If your student is a Junior, and he or she is planning on taking the AP Tests, then it is advisable that the Subject Test be taken as well.Written by James Madison, this essay defended the form of republican government proposed by the Constitution. He countered that it was exactly the great number of factions and diversity that would avoid tyranny.Critics of the Constitution argued that the proposed federal government was too large and would be unresponsive to the people. Groups would be forced to negotiate and compromise among themselves, arriving at solutions that would respect the rights of minorities.Please look below for the advice for each subject test: If your student is in any of these AP courses, and plans do to well on the AP Exam, we recommend that your student also take the June Subject Test.Our AP Review courses will also prepare them for the Subject Test.If you are interested please email us at [email protected] students feel that by being in AP Language, AP Composition or AP Literature then they are prepared for the Literature exam.In truth, those who are good at reading are prepared for the Literature exam.This test does not require a lot of preparation in theory, but in truth it requires the most because your student has been preparing for it for years. This test does not include Calculus, but it does go up to Pre Calculus.Unfortunately it also includes Geometry, Algebra and some Pre Algebra.


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