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It also looks like clutter, every other thread being another coursework thread.In an attempt to clear this clutter and allow others to discuss non-coursework areas of psychology (degree level psychology, for example) it has been decided to create three threads for discussion on the pieces of coursework, one for each examining board. The only thing is I can't remember what I put down. Is there any pre-existing research on this topic, and what are the relevant Psychologists research that I can put down in the intro? [QUOTE=thejadedwords]If I were doing a piece of coursework on leading questions, would it need to be something vaugley important or traumatic like Loftus did with the cars and smashed glass, or could I just show a clip of Mean Girls or something, and ask if they saw the/a hair clip?

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Disadvantages: a laboratory experiment is an artificial setting and significantly different to real-life situations, due to the high levels of control.

Demand characteristics can also occur, when participants try to act accordingly to the situation.

Null hypothesis: There will be no difference in word recall between the two groups. PB2: Explain why a directional or a non-directional experimental/alternative hypothesis has been selected.

(1 mark) A directional hypothesis was chosen, as there is previous research to support the idea that context influences recall of information, for example: the work of Abernathy (1940) and Godden and Baddeley (1975).

You could do it as a two tailed ( there will be a significant different in the responses given when the participants are asked to estimate the speed depending on the stimulus word used ( thats a bit clumsy - it can be done better) Show the film clip to a class of people all togehter ( for quickness) . make sure they dont communicate so cannot see that some have a slightly different questionnaire. Otherwise try the old Gates memory and cued learning.

The idea is that memory and recall are better when revision has been cued ( ie they have studied a text with a set of phrases which direct the study. Give the participants time to study it ( say 10 mins) and then collect the papers .I am doing my A2 Psychology Coursework on The effects of advertising on memory and whether logos or slogans help the recall of the brand name, but im stuck on which researchers to look at for my introduction. IM doing my coursework on the effects of advertisin on memory and whether logos or slogans are better for the recall of the brand name, but im really stuck and dont know which researchers to look at. Introduction Investigating the effects of Context-dependent Forgetting Project brief for psychology coursework PB1: Identify the aim of the research and state the experimental/alternative Aim: to investigate recall of words within the same environment, in which they are learnt, and in a different environment.Again dead simple - a text ( preferably unfamiliar) and two forms of it. Give them all the same memory test - one which has in it the same questions as you gave half of them in the original text.Hypothesis - those who had the text with questions will have significantly better recall of the text than those who had the short text.Both of these have been done with us in class by my psych teacher so I know they work. There is also one from Craik and Lockheart ( another one of my teachers). One she asked us to pick out the words in capitals from a list.The second was to find words that rhymed with a stimulus word. So its come to that time of the year when my teacher is starting to ask about what Id like to study for my coursework.I live along the Holderness Coast and have just finished the topic of “Coasts” so want to base it around that.I hope these links help - good luck with your coursework!Hiya, The mods have recently noticed the amount of coursework threads that have been created for psychology and have noticed that coursework has taken over the subforum, not allowing discussion of many other areas within psychology.


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