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If your league uses Arbiter to assign referees, umpires, or officials to your games, enter your Arbiter Group ID here and check the box to sync your website schedule with Arbiter after you complete the steps below.Step-by-step This will upload all existing games from your website into Arbiter, and insert new games automatically as they are added to your website.

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If you want matches, do not just let the assignments expire.

Video tutorial Arbiter is a third-party officials assigning software.

Assigners will attend training sessions to collaboratively along with the schools from each league for which they assign officials.

These training sessions will be scheduled by the league commissioner and held between November 18 and December 22.

Arbiter One is the software used by officiating assigners to contract officials for contests.

Assigners invite officials to join their assigning group.

A school can continue to use another scheduling vendor, but the OHSAA will expect the minimum information to be entered into Arbiter.

All OHSAA licensed officiating assigners and member high schools will contract officials using Arbiter Sports.

Any changes made to games on your website will be reflected within Arbiter so that your officials' assignor can see these changes.

Within League you'll need to enter your Arbiter ID and sync your schedule once.


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