Argumentative Essay On Religion In School

Argumentative Essay On Religion In School-53
In conclusion, the courts and legislatures will continue to performance a vital role in defining religious issues in schools for the common good of schools and society.

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Christians believe children should be educated by following a key set of principles. The educational system should develop the whole person.

This includes spiritually, morally, socially, culturally, and emotionally.

In light of all these issues, it is of concern to look at the future and potential direction of issues that related to religion in schools especially in the wake of increasing association of religion and terrorism.

Recent news headlines regarding the ban of religious dressing (Hijab) in Europe have re-ignited debates about religion tolerance and its future in schools and society.

While it is permissible to teach about religion in public schools institutions in an impartial and secular manner, school managers, educators and parents should be conscious of the inherent dangers.

“Teaching religion” influence religious indoctrination and practice especially in schools since the pupils are undergoing development phase.Christians also believe children should obtain an integrated understanding of reality and all of its distinct possibilities.These include math, science, language arts, and history.The ban on student use of veils in schools forms a turning point in addressing the ever challenging issues of religion in schools.This comes in the wake of increased awareness of student’s freedoms and rights.Hay (1985) says that it is acceptable for schools to impart secular values that are similar with religious values.Values such as trustworthiness, respect for others, bravery, tolerance for diversity, compassion and good citizenship are essential to students and should not be taught as religious doctrines.Religion influence many aspects of day to day issues such as life choices, dress, and education.Religion is an important entity in the lives of many.Design of Public school programs envisions discouragement of promotion or inhibition of religion.Schools restrain stakeholders from interfering with others religion and practices.


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