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Back in Cambodia, relationship need to start through family, and no one able to break the rule because it is part of Cambodian culture, which I believed was right.

Back in Cambodia, relationship need to start through family, and no one able to break the rule because it is part of Cambodian culture, which I believed was right.Almost eight years of my living in the United states, I have learned what I believe in the past was wrong.The two religions I will focus on are Hinduism and Islam.

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[tags: Family, Marriage, Wife, Arranged marriage] - My experience of growing up in another country, I have learned the fact that arranged marriage was still powerful.

The purpose of arrange marriage is keeping relationship last longer.

Maria`s husband was fifteen years older than her....

[tags: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Family, Love] - In the book Arranged Marriage, I was intrigued with all the short stories it had.

It was difficult to concentrate throughout the book without the interruption of tears in my eyes.

Most of the stories deal with the experiences of the Indian women in arranged marriages.Arranged marriages have existed for millennia and are still widely practiced among many cultures around the globe.Arranged marriages are carried out differently in different religions and cultures.Love Marriage Each marriage comes with a different perspective and story, whether it is an arranged marriage or love marriage.Arranged and Love marriages are very similar yet different. Arrange marriage is like a blind date in hopes to find love.Arrange marriage should not be allowed because it would cause painful marriage life....[tags: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Wife, Husband] - Arranged Marriage vs.An arranged marriage is a marriage planned and agreed to by the families or guardians of the bride and groom, who have little or no say in the matter themselves.For girls younger than 18, there is a good possibility that their physical bodies are not even mature enough to accept the consummation of a marriage....However, Maria couldn`t reach her dreams because of her parent`s old tradition of arranged marriage.In her case, she ended up being a housewife with three children and a very abusive and manipulative husband.


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