Art And Critical Thinking

Compare that to childhoods before the age of Google where children had to use their imagination all through playtime and draw on both sides of their brains to solve problems.Playtime used to be with cardboard boxes, pots and pans, and whatever else could be found.In fact, one said to me, “Unless these Millennials had access to technology and could Google the question, they could not use a manual problem-solving process.” I am fortunate in that I get to lecture to a number of business schools in my area.

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What they have missed out on is “applied” learning.

As developers and trainers, we need to rethink our classroom delivery—especially concepts and theories, unless the student is challenged to apply the learning without having to rely on a laptop.

I had my talking points, but believed the best people to ask about art education would be my former students.

I reached out and asked them what they learned in art class and how it continues to impact their lives.

The only thing that really has changed in the classroom at universities is that all students have some form of laptop or tablet in front of them for most of the class. I only needed to look at the childhood of my own children to discover that both my kids (now 19 and 22) have never known a world where there was not a computer in the house.

They have never known a world where you could not get an answer to virtually any question by typing it onto a keyboard.

Just the very idea that I could take my innate drive as a maker to work creatively in any field of my choice has had a tremendous impact on my life.

Having someone foster and promote my creative growth and ability to solve complicated design problems, think critically, and work collaboratively on creative projects has shaped my journey as a sculptor, as an art outreach educator, as a marketing professional, and most recently as a Master of Architecture student.” The arts don’t just develop a child’s creativity.

Applied learning has never been more important, nay critical.

If we are hosting a sales workshop, for example, most of the class needs to be filled with hands-on, real-life scenarios and not theory.


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