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We have staff users who are members of multiple queues.

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The command/button appears in the task area, and is shown/hidden as items are selected.

The ability to configure an auto assignment for tasks you create, maybe your the manager and want all your tasks auto assigned to your number 1 and they are tasked with re assignment.

When creating a rule you can use any tag, segment or attribute about a lead, user or company, along with any information about the message, such as content, URL it came from or email addresses the message was sent to.

Simply set the 'If' criteria for the message, and then choose who to assign any instance of that messages to.

Into this folder we will create an application definition file. The application will use version 3 of the client schema (as we are only targeting newer M-Files versions), and the supported platform will be set as desktop (it will be changed to both desktop and web later).

The application will declare a single Shell UI module (with its code in Each shell frame may have multiple shell listings.You can also bulk assign messages to other members of your team by ticking the check box next to multiple conversations.This is useful if you’re rushing into a meeting and don’t have time to answer a few pressing conversations, for example.This sample does not show how to create a local development folder or to deploy the code to the M-Files server.It is assumed that a local development folder already exists, and that is the location in which the development is occurring.We will use enumeration values by name, where possible, to avoid magic numbers.Unfortunately some values are not available within M-Files Web Access, and are referred to by number for compatibility.Our organization requires a queue for each incident.When an staff user uses the assign to me feature, the user has to also assign the queue.If we do not exclude inactive listings then we will process deselections in other listings, as well as selections in the active listing.We will: , which will check it in for us) as only Create New Object is supported in M-Files Web Access.


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