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While Aarons wrote novels in several genres, he is for the most part known for the writing of spy thrillers for which the “Assignment” series is the most known and most popular.

Assignment Books

These aspects though may have been deemed the ultimate of chivalry in the 50s and 60s.“Assignment to Disaster” the debut novel of the Sam Durell/Assignment is an excellent thriller that has often been referred to as the novel version of Casino Royale.In fact, Sam Durell the lead in the series had a lot of similarities to James Bond, which made the novel even more popular with its pop and culture references.Set a few years post World War II, the novels are influenced by the major issue of the time- nuclear proliferation.Everyone was terrified that a mad man similar to the likes of Hitler could get their hands on a nuclear weapon and unleash nuclear war on a world still recovering from a devastating war.Having already threatened to unleash the weapon, Sam needs to find and disarm the weapon before it is too late.“Assignment Suicide” is another excellent novel in the series that sees Sam going into one of the most dangerous of missions.For college, he went to Columbia University and then went on to work a variety of jobs that included fisherman, salesman, reporter among other jobs.He first decided to try his hand at writing when he got into a collegiate short story contest in 1933, which he won.Sam Durell is an imposing man at more than six feet tall with a lean waist, heavy shoulders, and long fingers that showed him a good gambler.His dark and thick hair and blue-black eyes gave him a black look, especially when he was thinking of something dangerous or when he was angry, which he often is.


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