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Many have failed in early experimental evaluation, with some advancing to the clinical arena, but few remain in research and development. Valves constructed from autogenous cells, or from autogenous venous tissue, not originally “de novo” valve tissue, have proven more promising. No animal implants or clinical investigations have been reported.

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The CQL Auto Expulsion Valve can be retrofit or used with new fabrication tooling for easy installation in new sockets.

The built-in auto expulsion quietly expels air all day with no fuss.

Fourteen of 40 (33%) implants were incompetent at follow-up, the length of which was not clearly stated. Decellularized cadaver vein allografts used for hemodialysis access do not cause allosensitization or preclude kidney transplantation.

If the valve remained competent, the clinical results were excellent (24/27 or 89%), while recurrent reflux led to recurrent ulceration or non-healing.

Ultimate responsibility for the coding of services/products rests with the individual practitioner.

End-stage deep venous insufficiency is unrelenting venous hypertension with sequelae, and no standard option is available, or all options have been tried and found wanting.

This quest is reviewed with an emphasis on current clinical practice.

Venous valves have been made entirely of non-autologous tissues: synthetics, xenografts, or allografts. Femoral vein valve incompetence: treatment with a xenograft monocusp patch.

A variety of techniques have been used clinically, and improved venous hemodynamics and valve competency have been demonstrated. Glutaraldehyde-preserved venous valve transplantation in the dog.

However, the majority of these valve studies await confirmation by other investigators over extended periods.


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