Beauty And The Beast Conclusion Essay

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Belle is shown when he learns of other kindness to her father but she overstays her time due to enticements by her sisters.

The movie of interest here is the Beauty and the Beast.

The Movie is very popular especially in American children.

According to the moral hierarchy, children as early as those of 10 years of age will judge moral dilemmas according to intentions of the perpetrator.

Therefore, children as young as 10 years (and in some cases lower than 10 years) will try to imitate sexual scenes they watch on films (Common sense media).

The movie is intended to entertain but not educate kids but kids will find taking some important lessons on appreciating others for not what they look like but for what they are (Common sense media).

Generally, the G-rated movie Beauty and the Beast is good for children and especially for bigger children although smaller kids can be guided by their parents when watching the movie.She is shown clubbing the wolves with a stick leading to the town people describing her as strange and funny due to her strength.This is one sure way of the town people reinforcing the stereotype (Wynn).The movie generally creates stereotypes first before they eventually kill them.Thus the movie creates a mixture of stereotypes creating both good and bad show for children.The movie is an ultimate makeover with positive language.As part of Movies Silently’s Fairytale Blogathon, in which posts from guest bloggers are contributed daily on a particular theme, in this case fairytales, I am contributing a post on my all time favourite film , and it is the latter that I am writing about for the blogathon. : Jean Cocteau Jean Marais Josette Day collection christophel " data-medium-file=" movie is about Belle who is a free-spirited girl residing in a small village with her eccentric father.Belle is being pursued by an arrogant hunter named Gaston.The storyline of Beauty and the Beast creates a story that contains characters that surpass the stereotypes.An example of this can be taken from Belle (Beauty) who is a stereotypical Hollywood heroine with her small and beautiful long hair whose main important thing (or so she thinks) is to take care of and nurse important men (Beast and her father).


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