Before And After 9/11 Essay

Before And After 9/11 Essay-34
Those of us who were alive that day will always dread the annual alignment of those two numbers — nine, eleven -- the blue September sky; our thoughts will return to the ashes. We are not fighting nations; we are fighting peasants and mercenaries and religious ideologues and millionaires.In the war against terrorism, there will never be an “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month"; it will always be 9/11.

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A man watches a CNN broadcast of the Osama bin Laden tape, which had just been released by the Pentagon, on Dec. The Bush administration called the tape the "smoking gun" that proves bin Laden's direct responsibility for the Sept. A jet takes off from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise in the Arabian Sea on Oct. The USS Enterprise was one of the many ships involved in the attacks on Afghanistan following the terrorist attacks.

Anti-war demonstrators hold a rally at Union Square, New York City, on Sept.

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Were it were not for the bleak and terrible regime of Hussein, it could be the showplace of the region.

Now is the time to make some belated amends for a tragic mistake. It should be done for the sake of the Iraqis.” When I wrote those words, I thought I knew Iraq pretty much as well as any non-Iraqi at that time could know it.

But an America that only guards against a dangerous world diminishes its power in the world.

In the last ten years, China has usurped the noun Americans thought we held the patent to—the “future.” While we have deployed troops backward, into the Bible, China has built dams in Africa and made trade agreements with South America. troops are killed building roads between tribal villages in Afghanistan, the Chinese sign mineral contracts in Kabul.


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