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We move away from the busy streets, searching for a place of tranquil solitude. Only an occasional passing vehicle and the crunch of the snow disturb our peaceful stroll.The serene stillness of the night is a welcome change from the noise of the day.We plan to do this again, so keep the contributions coming.

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Teachers and college students regularly have a say in our pages. We asked them to write about issues that matter to them - at school and at home.

Many thoughtful essays crossed our desks; sometimes whole classes wrote in.

I like music a lot, and listen to a little of every style.

The next time you put a CD in your CD player, pop a tape into your stereo, or get out a record, ask yourself this question: Why do I like to listen to this? My boyfriend also communicates sweet messages to make me feel better about myself.

The air is still, and bright moonlight covers freshly fallen snow. I call to my father, who is working busily in the basement.

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He is happy to join me, and his unfinished paperwork can wait for an hour. The packed snow crunches underfoot, as if protesting.A horse used for endurance riding must have lasting stamina. These people do not truly understand what it means to treat others the way you want to be treated.The Arabian is one of the best horse breeds for endurance rides. I think it is important to love and be loved, learn and teach - by doing this, a person can accomplish a great amount....Conditioning for this sport will mean many hours in the saddle traveling at a pace called trotting.Trotting is a ground-covering pace that does not require as much energy as cantering or galloping. If a person receives help, yet gives none out, then that person might be regarded as selfish.When you listen to music, you can probably get a pretty good idea of what this person is like.Everyone makes music with his or her own special style. When someone plays the organ at church, or sings in the congregation, or just makes music at home for his or her own enjoyment, he or she is expressing God.Tonight, the moonlight reflects softly off the partially frozen creek.We can hear the distinct sound of the trickling water as it flows gently under the bridge. During our walk, my father and I talk about many things.I believe that real music is the good music that results when someone is listening to God and remembering where his or her talent really comes from.I have played the piano for 10 years and give piano lessons myself. I love to express myself when I have an instrument in front of me.


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