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Bipolar disorder affects both children and adults, resulting in the serious mental deviations and preventing the healthy psychological development of an individual.Currently, approximately 3% of the US population suffers from this disease (Schmitt, Malchow, Hasan, & Falkai, 2014).The other side of bipolar disorder reflects itself in the state of depression and moodiness (Varcarolis, 2014).

Finally, it should be mentioned that a neurological factor also contributes to the appearance of this disorder.Frequently, bipolar disorder is inherited from parents to children.The studies show that the risk of acquiring the bipolar disorder genetically equals to 60-80% (Kerner, 2014). To a great extent, its emergence is connected with the psychological deviations or mental diseases.Bipolar disorder is a mental disease, which is characterized by the sudden and unmotivated changes in the mood of a patient.Usually, it varies between the manifestations of extreme, overwhelming mood elevation and deep prolonged depressions.For instance, certain brain abnormalities or malfunctions of brain cells can cause bipolar disorder.Besides, individuals who are genetically prone to acquiring this disease can develop the disorder through the frequent cases of moodiness and depressions, mainly in the childhood. In addition, bipolar disorder is also a result of environmental factor.Thereby, the symptoms and signs of bipolar disorder are difficult to classify and examine since they coincide with the manifestation of many other mental diseases.Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to the symptoms’ progress in order to prevent them or treat on time.During the period of mania, individuals feel a great need in sufficient sleep and rest.The matter consists in the fact that all of the above-mentioned symptoms call for the enormous amount of energy, although the organism cannot produce it sufficiently.


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