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In this post, we look at the 10 best books on critical thinking.

Critical thinking is one of the most important skills anyone could have.

The author of this book essentially provides us with creative simple and effective ways to ‘think outside the box’. Behaving irrationally is part of human nature, the author goes into this topic further.

As humans we do not make decisions that are economically rational, rather our behaviors are ruled by emotional and psychological states.

In other words, it is thinking in a way that doesn’t accept all conclusions, rather by pushing yourself to find your own reasonable conclusions.

As I’m sure you can agree we can all lack some critical thinking skills at times.

This book highlights these points and provides discussion on why and how this is the case.

If your looking for a book that will push you towards a life change, or even just to give you a new perspective on things then ‘Critical Thinking: Proven Strategies To Improve Decision Making Skills, Increase Intuition And Think Smarter’ is a good choice for you.

The books talk about how highly effective people aren’t any different to less effective people, they simply use their minds differently.

The book is short however it is straight to the point.


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