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Because it is so common for job seekers to run into outlandish requests on the job search trail it is a good idea to practice responses to scenarios like the one you ran into. If you are working with a recruiter, you can let them know you were asked to donate a free marketing plan and that you're not willing to do that.The more you practice your response, the calmer you'll be if you should be asked to do something outrageous on a future job interview. Chip: So anyway, if you can write up a draft of our 2018 marketing plan incorporating the ideas you just shared with me, that will be fantastic. If there's no recruiter involved, you can either ghost Chip or write to let him know that you've scoped the project he had in mind and what it will cost. You don't want the job if your gut is already screaming at you and you haven't even gotten the job offer yet.

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I walked them through it, and they wanted me to leave it, but I declined.

I flat out told them this was my intellectual property and if they wanted my plan, they had to hire me.

I think offering an executive summary is a great idea.

I think it should be offered before it's done because their surprise that they aren't getting what they asked for can lead to negative feelings (I think a lot of peoples satisfaction is related to managing expectations).

Sadly, a lot of managers make requests like this of job applicants. Writing a marketing plan for Chip's company will require hours of work and lots more conversation than the one hour you and Chip spent together.

There's no way in hell I'm going to write a marketing plan for free "as part of the interview process." What's the correct response? Thanks Liz -- Val Dear Val, You handled Chip's outrageous request brilliantly.

For a VP role, you'd be expected to do a lot of groundwork up front GK26.

I was asked to do something similar for a very senior role with a construction project for the Olympics a while back.

The recruiter thought I was a good fit and advocated for me and spoke directly with the hiring manager, the CFO, and he had no desire for this request.

It turned out to be a requirement of HR and not the CFO so in the end I didn't need to do and got the job.


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