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The questioning of the role of women in society and the family has serious revolutionary implications and can lead to a revolutionary questioning of capitalist society itself.

The senile degeneration of capitalism leads to a serious deterioration of the conditions of all workers.

Under no circumstances can we allow the impression that this is somehow a secondary issue that can be subsumed under the general category of the class struggle.

It would be fatal for the cause of Marxism if women believed that Marxists are prepared to postpone the struggle for their rights until after the victory of socialism.

Single parents and their children are condemned to poverty and endless hardship.

For many, even to have a roof over their heads becomes difficult or even impossible.

But it imposes particularly harsh conditions on women and young people.

Many find themselves denied access to adequate work and housing.

Among the most universal and painful forms of oppression is the oppression of women in a male-dominated world.

The rebellion of women against this monstrous oppression is of fundamental importance in the struggle for socialist revolution, which cannot be attained without the full participation of women in the fight against capitalism.


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