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[tags: Christmas, Christmas tree, Christmas carol] - Bright lights and cheerful colors are usually the first things that come to mind when you think of Christmas.Your mind can easily imagine the feel of the fluffy white snow as well as the crisp, fresh smell of peppermint in the air.

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Another thing I love to do is make Christmas goodies with my family. [tags: Christmas, Christmas tree, Christmas music] - Christmas is a wonderful time of year filled with decorations, cookies, Christmas lights and a huge Christmas tree.

As I was growing up the Christmas tree was the biggest thing to have in our family.

Also, enjoying the snow from the window with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book give you so much peace to your inner self.

Overall, Christmas sounds like a lovely time where everybody is full of joy....

Christmas is my favorite holiday because of the traditions my families and I celebrate that include our Christmas Eve routine, Christmas morning routine, and giving back to our community. Christmas Eve starts with getting ready for mass....

[tags: Christmas Eve, Christmas, Christmas tree] - Every December and January in the United States friends and families gather to celebrate the upcoming holidays.- As I look out my window I see tiny snowflakes slowly drifting down.I can hear the roar of laughter coming from the living room downstairs. Christmas always brings everyone home for the holidays. This is the way in which Christmas is celebrated and enjoyed. It makes the people remember Lord Jesus who is thought by them to be the son of God. They pray that they may lead a happy life in the coming year.Christmas is around the corner, and kindness and happiness are full filling people souls.The wonderful Christmas tree smell that invade the living room gives you the sense of being on a real mountain.Similar to the Easter Bunny on Easter, we some how adopt another character that has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus, and that character goes by the name of Santa Clause.An elder, fat, white haired man, wearing a red suit and stocking cap, with cherry red nose and a laugh that can bring joy and be heard for miles.There seems to be a lot of pressure put on regular everyday average Americans, to celebrate, share the good will and get that perfect gift for that special some one in your life. The trees color turn light red and yellow as they begin to loose their leaves.The temperature drops and it is soon October 31st, Halloween as we all know. Children dress up in costumes and run from door to door trying to spread And each culture has their own little twist to the holiday.


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