Common Secondary Essay Questions

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Each school will send a different secondary with unique essay questions.

This means you will be faced with several, possibly dozens of applications within a 1-2 month period. I recommend creating a spreadsheet listing each program with the following components: name of school, date of secondary receipt, submission deadline, number of essay questions, school ranking, relative ranking of importance to you.

Applicants who don’t know what to talk about talk about everything and anything, and they come across like madmen who can’t focus.

I’ve gone through massive lists of secondary application prompts and I’ve made a huge discovery about the secondary, a secret that only my private premed clients have had access to until now, a technique that will dramatically reduce how much time it takes to complete the secondary essays.

Secondary essays must be handled with great attention and care.

Common Secondary Essay Questions

A systematic approach to secondary writing will facilitate this process.

Much of the focus of the medical school applicant prior to submitting the primary application is on the personal statement.

This is for good reason, as the personal statement is an important component of the initial application which cannot be taken lightly.

Don’s got many years of admissions experience; he has had several medical school admissions committee members on his staff, including one dean of admissions of a major Chicago medical school, and he’s spoken to groups of premed advisers about his experiences as an adviser.

He stands by his courses, so if you have any problems, be sure you reach out to him.


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