Computer Problem Solving Techniques

Our country is more and more dependent on software, which makes equity in computer science a social justice issue.Patty Hicks is a former computer programmer and current educator.

Computers and software are driving innovation in every sector of society, and our students, at every grade level, need to add this new literacy to their learning and understanding.

This is especially important for our girls and minority students.

Solving problems is a programmer’s bread and butter, and everyone has their own method, I personally found 5 steps that most likely than not will help you, not only to solve problems but to do it faster and more efficiently.

This is by far, the most important step, read the problem several times, until you fully understand it, if you don’t understand it, you won’t be able to solve it.

If your school district still has a “Computer Applications” course that includes keyboarding and productivity tools (word processing, keyboarding and presentation software) start to move towards a computer science curriculum, especially ones that involves coding—writing software using a programming language., Google and Microsoft are just a few organizations that provide free curriculum for teachers and students.

Initial facial recognition software did not recognize dark skin, most likely because all of the software engineers that were writing and testing the code were white.

Initially, Apple’s health application didn’t have any support for women’s health issue—most likely because Apple has a lack of women working on their engineering teams.

She has presented at the MIT Scratch conference and at SIGCSE, and taught coding workshops for the Illinois Computing Educators association and the Du Page County Regional Office of Education.

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