Cons Human Cloning Essay

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If you have been tasked with writing a cloning essay, we recommend you to read the following article as it contains a number of essential tips that will help you compose an essay on cloning.

Writing human cloning essays requires students to have profound knowledge of the topic and possess persuasive skills to make the audience take your side while discussing human or animal cloning.

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The cloning of humans is now very close to reality, thanks to the historic scientific breakthrough of Dr. This possibility is one of incredible potential benefit for all of us.

Exceptional people are among the world's greatest treasures.

Human cloning will allow us to preserve and eventually even recover these treasures.

A clone will not inherit any of the memories of the original person. Ramses II reposes in excellent condition in the Egyptian museum in Cairo. A technology for human cloning would allow a modern Egyptian woman to give birth to the twin of this great historical figure.

Because of these differences, a clone is not a xerox copy or "double" of a person, just a much younger identical twin. Human slavery was abolished in the United States in 1865. Who would not want to see the living image of Ramses II and hear the same voice that spoke to Moses over three thousand years ago?

To mention a few, cloning is associated with a risk of faster aging and it is basically against all laws of nature.

When writing cloning essays, you have to list not only the positive sides of cloning, but also the negative ones, unless you are writing a persuasive essay in which you need to take only one side.


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