Credit Union Business Plan

I recommend a business plan because I see it as a key factor in the failure or success of a business.

We’ve worked hard to bring you the business plan for the proposed New Economy Credit Union.

As we approach the New Year, many of our members begin to think about starting a new business or are working to take their existing business to a new level.

I would recommend always starting your business with a strong business plan and revisiting the plan as often as you are able. Think of a business as a blueprint for your business and the future.

What are your goals for the business for the next year and beyond?

First Commonwealth is here to help you grow your business.

When you have your business plan done and are ready to start a banking relationship for your business, come into one of First Commonwealth’s branches.The many moving parts of running your business become the fundamental building blocks of your long-term business plan.Consider each of them a pit stop along the road to business success.It describes your industry, explains your product or service, and the critical factors that will drive your business success.Those factors might include such things as your management team, operational plans or cost advantages.The decision to create a business plan is an important one, whether you are starting a new business or growing an established one.A solid business plan is fundamental to long-term business success. The first thing you need to do before creating the roadmap, though, is to figure out where you are heading.But it may ask the chief executive or the general manager to write it.The plan should be a rolling plan, covering the current year and the next two financial years.You’ll need a draft business plan before you can apply for authorisation to become a credit union.The board is responsible for writing and updating the plan.


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