Criminal Justice Research Proposal

Criminal Justice Research Proposal-73
It embraces the policies and goals that inspire those laws and for whose accomplishment the laws are a vehicle.The program involves public service and public institutions that are a part of the enterprise of maintaining order in society and, to an increasing extent, responsible for distributing entitlements to the public.

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This multidisciplinary liberal arts program concerns itself with history, public policy, ethics and social and political organization.

Criminal Justice deals with the way laws are made, applied, and enforced.

Additional low-stakes writing assignments related to applying theory to real-world situations also are incorporated throughout the semester.

Finally, students write online blogs / discussions plus responses about articles they are reading in class to demonstrate how they analyze theory as it is applied to real-world situations.

Students also will complete labs (mini-reports and worksheets) as they learn the process of data analysis using statistical software (SPSS).

CRJ 401 – SEMINAR IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE Students are required to submit a 20-page paper (excluding title page, abstract, and references) on a Criminal Justice topic of their choosing.

Those assignments that are shorter in nature may include (but not be limited to) reaction papers, application assignments, and exam questions.

Specific assignment details are discussed in the next section.

Criteria: Each of the WAC major core courses include opportunities for students to satisfy their writing requirements through a variety of both short and lengthy assignments.

Those assignments that are considered lengthy will be broken down into smaller components of the work, allowing students to build up to the final project in pieces, receiving feedback at each step that will help them to improve their overall work.


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