Critical Thinking And Research

As a university student, you need to be able to think critically about the resources and information you use in your work.

Second, the experimentation in which they engage involves “iteration”: repeating a process a number of times, altering a single variable to find out what happens.

Third, participants experience a significant degree of collaboration, with their peers and with the expert scientists who are their instructors.

Critical thinking is about questioning and learning with an open mind.

If you are new to critical thinking at university, sign up for our short online course at Future Learn: Critical thinking at university: an introduction If you are a final year student, you can find out more about being critical in your dissertation or final year research project from our resource The Final Chapter.

For example, it can refer to the importance of something, or can also mean pointing out the negative aspects of something, ie to criticise something.

However, critical thinking at university does not mean looking only for the most important aspects of a topic or just criticising ideas.

The test required students to analyze and interpret information; to draw accurate and warranted inferences; and to evaluate inferences and explain why they represent strong reasoning or weak reasoning.

Although other types of interventions have generated little or no improvement in student scores on this test, the Florida Atlantic researchers found that taking part in the antibiotic-finding CURE did significantly increase students’ critical-thinking scores—while the scores of students who were enrolled in a traditional cookbook-style lab stayed the same or actually declined.

found that at least 45 percent of students in its sample did not demonstrate any statistically significant improvement in their reasoning and communication skills during their first two years of college.

Spurred by such findings, educators have sought to engineer new approaches.


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