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The types of contrast are basically infinite, but these are a few of the most common ones: Movie posters use visual contrast all the time.They’re especially known for using blue-and-orange contrast – in fact, so many posters use this technique that it’s become a cliché!All the characters in are full of contrast, but Homer and Lisa are particularly striking.

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Although pop culture is an indispensable part of modern society, it often faces criticism from the members of non-mainstream groups.

They consider this culture to be superficial, primitive, and stultifying.

In short, contrasts are important because they can fill a wide variety of functions within a story or essay.

The two main characters in provide a striking contrast: The story revolves around a friendship between these two opposite characters – a friendship that is particularly charming because of the way the two characters complement each other’s strengths.

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Yet, how can beliefs and tendencies with such a great number of fans be bad?

Maybe pop culture will not teach us how to be geniuses.

A blue sky looks even more blue when you put it next to an orange bonfire, and the bonfire looks more orange next to the blue sky.

Similarly, a kind character looks more kind next to a cruel villain, and the cruel villain looks more cruel. Contrasts are often compelling to read because they simplify things.


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