Culture Of Usa Essay

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Your cultural experience is bound to differ depending on where in the US you choose to study.

To learn more about individual states, visit our State Guide.

You will probably want to familiarize yourself with American culture before your departure, in order to make the transition as easy as possible.

Of course, the US is a large country, made up of many different cultures.

However, how can an immigrant get these things if he or she has a fear of the unfamiliar culture?

I believe that only when an immigrant feels “possible” and confident about his or her basic routine or custom in this country, such as food, family value, and religion, he or she can get involved into the new culture.Asia has a wide variety of food, and each country has its national dish reserved for immigrants of its country, and of course also for the United States or any people who feel interested in Asian food.There are many types of well-known food from different countries in the U. such as Thailand (Curry), South Korea (Korean noodle), Japan (Sushi, Tempura), China (Egg Foo Young, Egg Rolls), Vietnam (Spring Roll, Vietnamese noodle soup with beef).For example, the Southern cooking style is strongly influenced by the immigrants from Africa, France, Mexico and many other places.Some food which is considered as typical dishes of Americans originally comes from many other areas, and American cooks and chefs have substantially modified them over many years.There are many people who say that in order to empower oneself in American culture, this person needs to learn American language immediately, to find a job, or to get a car.It seems truly right and very important because these things above are the requirements for everyone in this country.The nuclear family structure (parents and children) have become so familiar in society.For Americans, on the other hand, personal freedom of thinking takes place in every corner of life, and it is also a strongly dominant concept about family.Another part that helps immigrants empower to American culture is family values that American people have learned from immigrants.Unlike America where family, community, religion, or organization is minor to the rights of individuals, some other cultures, especially Asian cultures believe family is the best place where children can be supported and loved by their very profound parents ‘hearts.


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