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Wolfram () used Twitter data to train a Support Vector Regression (SVR) model to predict prices of individual NASDAQ stocks, finding ‘significant advantage’ for forecasting prices 15 min in the future.In the biosciences, social media is being used to collect data on large cohorts for behavioral change initiatives and impact monitoring, such as tackling smoking and obesity or monitoring diseases.

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They either give superficial access to the raw data or (for non-superficial access) require researchers to program analytics in a language such as Java.

Social media data is clearly the largest, richest and most dynamic evidence base of human behavior, bringing new opportunities to understand individuals, groups and society.

For completeness, HTML and XML are so-called markup languages (markup and content) that define a set of simple syntactic rules for encoding documents in a format both human readable and machine readable.

A markup comprises start-tags (e.g., Many feeds use Java Script Object Notation (JSON), the lightweight data-interchange format, based on a subset of the Java Script Programming Language.

Innovative scientists and industry professionals are increasingly finding novel ways of automatically collecting, combining and analyzing this wealth of data.

Naturally, doing justice to these pioneering social media applications in a few paragraphs is challenging.

For completeness, it also includes introductions to social media scraping, storage, data cleaning and sentiment analysis.

Although principally a review, the paper also provides a of social media tools.

Otherwise, social media research could become the exclusive domain of major companies, government agencies and a privileged set of academic researchers presiding over private data from which they produce papers that cannot be critiqued or replicated.

Recently, there has been a modest response, as Twitter and Gnip are piloting a new program for data access, starting with 5 all-access data grants to select applicants.


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