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Also, students are able to read the different responses so they can see all the different ways to embed quotes, cite documents, and apply content to their responses.I have found that students get more confident in their writing after practicing on Discussion Boards.However, writing a full five-paragraph essay using a handful of documents takes time - a lot of time.

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Students can select the document they feel that they can be more successful with or help their peers.

This not only helps them practice this skill, but helps build confidence among my students when it comes to reading difficult text - which is most primary sources in medieval history.

To practice writing, I use discussion boards on Canvas, the LMS my school district uses.

I like using discussion boards for students to respond to one another supporting their thoughts with documents.

I'd love to learn other strategies for practicing document analysis and writing/communication skills in class without having to write the full essay.

The 1950s were characterized as a prosperous and conformist decade for many reasons.

For DBQs, I have students recite their analysis out loud.

The time limit requires students to be concise which helps them focus on what they're trying to say -- such an important skill in history writing.

Flipgrid also is fun for students as they are able to take a selfie at the end and add images to their selfie.

Lastly, it is very easy for me to quickly check their understanding by watching these short videos rather than reading 100 paragraphs or essays. Due to privacy concerns, I cannot share with you the videos of my students, but trust me, this is one of my favorite ways of assessing student document analysis skills.


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