Dead Star Paz Marquez Benitez Essay

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Still, you looked amused every time I--" "I was thinking of Mr.

In the meantime, he became very much engaged to Esperanza. Men commit themselves when but half-meaning to do so, sacrificing possible future fullness of ecstasy to the craving for immediate excitement. "I supposed long-engaged people are like that; warm now, cool tomorrow. The very fact that an engagement has been allowed to prolong itself argues a certain placidity of temperament--or of affection--on the part of either, or both." Don Julian loved to philosophize.

Greed--mortgaging the future--forcing the hand of Time, or of Fate. He was talking now with an evident relish in words, his resonant, very nasal voice toned down to monologue pitch.

"That phase you were speaking of is natural enough for a beginning.

Besides, that, as I see it, was Alfredo's last race with escaping youth--" Carmen laughed aloud at the thought of her brother's perfect physical repose--almost indolence--disturbed in the role suggested by her father's figurative language. Few certainly would credit Alfredo Salazar with hot blood.


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