Deal Bad Thesis Advisor

It’s why we all have to muddle through and make do with each other.So when conflicts occur, try to identify the issue — noting where your interests overlap with your supervisor’s and where, perhaps, they do not.

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More often, though, the complaint is about your mentor’s less-dire failings: unrealistic timelines, vague requests, and insufficient technical guidance, to name some of the most common.Managing up involves two main things: to draw boundaries around your work and have the resources you need. Managing up is about getting what you deserve without getting an undeserved reputation as whiny or unprofessional in the process.Next, figure out where your own interests and your supervisor’s are aligned: You both want your research projects to be as successful as possible. The better you understand the underlying causes of the problem, the better your approach to resolving it is likely to be.In that case, ask for his or her preferred alternative. If not, point out where it falls short of what you need, and then either suggest a modification or ask for advice on how to bridge the gap.All of this sounds straightforward but it can be difficult, and even a little terrifying, to do face-to-face.However, if you could step back and impartially view the full scope of your interactions, you would undoubtedly also find times when your adviser has to compensate for one of your failings.That is the nature of working with imperfect people.Not only will it be documented but it may be easier to order your thoughts and to put your point across.Alternatively, if you can’t approach your supervisor, why not raise the issues at your next formal progress meeting or speak to the Ph D programme director; head or manager of graduate school; another research colleague; or fellow students.From that point, identify which of your interests are being met, and think about why. Pause, if necessary, to work through any anger about what’s happened in your relationship in the past.Holding on to that anger, however justified, is not going to make your interactions with your adviser any more productive. Present the issue, but also present your proposed solution.


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