Dependent Variable Research Paper

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You can directly manipulate stress levels in your human subjects and measure how those stress levels change heart rate.A variable is a characteristic or feature that varies, or changes within a study.If a study includes both males and females as subjects, but is not interested in differences between men and women - and does not compare them, gender would not be a variable in that study.

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Example: You are interested in how stress affects heart rate in humans.

Your independent variable would be the stress and the dependent variable would be the heart rate.

Because gender does define the variable used for comparison, it is still an independent variable, even though it has lost some of its power.

We'll look at this in more detail in the next chapter.

Subjects were observed brushing their teeth 3x per day with the assigned toothpaste (by teacher or parent).

6 months later, dental appointments were scheduled, and the number of dental caries present in each child was reported.

There are usually several possible studies that could be done to address a question.

These investigators decided to compare 3 groups, one group participate in a set of specific exercises 4 times per week; a second group would do the same exercises, but only twice per week, and a control group would participate in stretching exercises that would have no impact on strength.

The opposite of variable is constant: something that doesn't change.

In math, the symbols "x" , "y" or "b" represent variables in an equation, while "pi" is a constant.


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