Descriptive Essay Lesson

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It is quite interesting that collectively we have decided sentence variety is far more important to our descriptions than the traditional SOAPAIMS approach of traditional descriptive writing.

If we look at it purely in terms of Assessment Objective weighting, this would be ludicrous.

So, here I am, considering myself pretty expert at English teaching and thinking to myself: This is especially relevant to me as I am also working as a consultant one day a week, and training teachers in my own school for at least one other day a week. But, it is just as brilliant for aggregating group decisions.

I am always haunted by the question, “what if I am just wrong about this? For example, asking 10 English teachers to choose their best two ways of teaching descriptive writing might conceivably result in 20 different ideas.

The top two suggestions might both be viewed as a planning template.

We could simply tell our students to follow these as a plan, no matter what the question.

I’ve made several videos showing students that planning the ending is actually sufficient when writing a story.

The activities above, however, suggest that students can craft a great ending without planning.

The infit scores of all our 19 judges combined was 0.85, and this figure improved at each stage.

Stage 1 – 6 teachers in the same school, infit score 0.97 Stage 2 – 8 further teachers from Twitter, and 2 from my own school, infit score 0.89 Stage 3 – I had a go, infit score of 0.85 This is what both The judges with the best infit scores were two ex-heads of English, who have also worked as English consultants.


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