Descriptive Essay On Christmas Tree

Christmas is essentially a reminder of why we should stick to the deepest parts of our humanity.That is, through celebration, we are reminded that we should share, give to the less privileged, spend time with loved ones and have a positive outlook about life in general.

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Men and women celebrate Christmas to honor the birth of Jesus Christ.

Religious people go to church and light the candles to pray to their God, Jesus Christ.

Origin of Christmas: Many people assume Christmas is strictly a Christian celebration and they would be right if modern evidence is to be considered.

However, with regards to its origin, this notion cannot be farther from the truth.

Such is the craze of Santa Claus and the gifts, Christmas trees associated with the festival of Christmas.

It is a festival which attracts people of all faith towards it.This celebration was aimed at celebrating the return of the sun and the end of winter.The celebration is usually a weeklong affair and is marked by lawless activity and a system of penal exemption from lawless acts such as housing breaking.They also get to meet the ‘Santa Claus’, dressed in a fluffy red and white costume, who greets them with hugs and gifts. The festival definitely teaches us to practice kindness and love toward each other and help those who have less than us.Introduction: Christmas is the season of joy, peace, and happiness.of December, on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ.One can write for ages about the many wonders that Christmas inspires in people.How many times have you thought as a child that tonight the Santa Claus will come and give gifts to you?Many times you may actually receive them although they are presents from your family.Consequently, lots of pagans converted to Christianity on the promise that they could still celebrate their tradition in this day.Whether Jesus was actually born on the 25 of December is not substantiated by historical evidence.


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