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Worst of all, Roberts (who was on-board the HMS Calpe and had no idea how things were going) ended up sending in even more men and these last minute regiments (two in total) were destroyed.

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To argue the success at Normandy could not have happened without Dieppe glosses over the facts.

Ultimately, if military officials had planned out things better, the disaster could have been avoided. I hate ending on such a negative note, so I turn it over to you now. Do you agree with the positive spin Churchill and the others put on it?

Lack of Experience – At the time, officials were heavily criticized for relying so heavily on Canadian regiments given their inexperience in battle.

However, scholars note that even seasoned professionals would have had a equally difficult time given the ill-planning by superiors.

It didn’t help that the BBC had been broadcasting warnings to civilians in the area to leave the coast due to the high probability of action.

Furthermore, the raid was scheduled for June, but poor weather prevented that from happening.Joseph Stalin was adamant that the Allies needed to launch a second front in France to help alleviate the mounting pressure on the Soviet army and citizens. At the Blue Beach, soldiers arrived late and were gunned down by the Germans upon arrival.Canadians politicians were itching for our soldiers to finally see some military action. At the Green Beach, troops arrived on-time but had to cross a heavily defended bridge and that didn’t go too well.Attacking a beach with cliffs was a terrible idea because it gave the Germans the much desired higher ground advantage.The element of surprise was a key part of the operation.“Dead Canadian soldiers lie where they fell on “Blue Beach.” Trapped between the beach and fortified sea wall, they made easy targets for MG 34 machine guns in a German bunker.The bunker firing slit is visible in the distance, just above the German soldier’s head.” – German Federal Archives.We had been training in Britain for two years at this point and had yet to be involved in real combat. Seize and maintain control over a major port for a period of time to prove that (a) we could actually do it and (b) to gain intelligence. Destroy coastal defenses and strategic buildings during the retreat. At the Red and White Beaches where most of the soldiers were situated, these men were also mowed down by bullets.The Plan The objectives for Operation Rutter (later known as Jubilee) were to: 1. Backup support arrived late, the Germans had a higher ground advantage, and the tanks were limited in movement due to large pebbles on the beach.Rather, they were aware of an impending attack somewhere along the coastline and sought to prepare themselves.Hence, making surprise a key part of one’s plan isn’t always the wisest of decisions.


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