Dissertation On Tesla'S Life

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At only the age of 19 years, he was one of the engineering students at the Polytechnic Institute at Graz.

Intellectually, he was different from other students, and would hold debates with his professor over the issues in the direct current motors taught in class.

This provides several advantages that drive performance, flexibility, and cost control.

Notably, Rivian is also using cylindrical cells, although their vehicles are not yet under production.

This did not end well because Edison did not pay anything even after Tesla improved his DC generation plants. However, because of genius AC motor invention, he got a job at Westinghouse Company.

After his inventions were patented, stiff competition rose from Thomas Edison’s company.

Tesla could make observations that puzzled everyone around him.

He had the ability to memorize a whole book and pick up languages with ease.

To deal with the problem, the Westinghouse Company offered him millions of money for his royalties.

Just before the 20th century, he invented coils, commonly known as Tesla coils, which could generate high voltages and frequencies. P Morgan, who went ahead and built a giant transmission plant for the idea.


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