Doctoral Dissertation On Education

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Ethical guidelines The doctoral candidate’s supervisor initially contacts the preliminary examiner, but it’s important to note that the examiners are experts appointed by the Faculty and examiners must submit their statements to the Faculty only.The preliminary examiner must not supervise the doctoral student or accept revised versions of the manuscript or any other material related to the dissertation except through the Faculty's education planner.Supervisors themselves must decide on their disqualification and refrain from evaluation or decision-making if there is reason to suspect grounds for disqualification.

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However, should the examiner be unsure of his / her eligibility for the task after having been appointed, we ask the examiners to immediately contact the Faculty's Education coordinator ([email protected]).

The Faculty’s Education planner will deliver copies of the statement to the doctoral candidate, the supervisors and members of the Faculty Council as well as (once permission to defend the dissertation has been granted) to the opponent and other members of the dissertation grading committee.

Some people are able to transform higher performance for the improvement of the society.

Educational leadership refers to the means through which the parents, teachers and pupils work towards the common goal.

In the appointment of preliminary examiners, the University of Helsinki regulations on the disqualification of preliminary examiners must be taken into account.

Doctoral Dissertation On Education

The preliminary examiner can have no relationship with the doctoral candidate, the doctoral dissertation or another party involved that may compromise his or her impartiality. the following persons can never be named as preliminary examiners: Moreover, a close relative of the dissertation supervisor cannot serve as the preliminary examiner, the opponent or the internal examiner of the grading committee.Consequently, when deciding on disqualification, it must also be ascertained that, in the past three years, the preliminary examiner, opponent or member of the grading committee has not: In addition, the relevant parties must not have been in close contact or have influenced appointment decisions in the past three years (connection between an applicant and a member of an appointment committee).Being on the editorial staff of the same publication, writing an article for the same collection of articles (special issue or compilation) or submitting an unsuccessful application for funding do not constitute grounds for disqualification.The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Educational Sciences will appoint two preliminary examiners for a doctoral dissertation based on the proposal of the responsible professor.The preliminary examiners must be professors or docents, or doctoral degree holders with equivalent academic qualifications.The minimum requirement for an article dissertation is three articles for which the doctoral candidate is mentioned as the first author and which have been published or are in press in peer-reviewed scholarly journals as well as a summary of these articles.More information on article based dissertations in the Faculty of Educational Sciences The pre-examiner is initially contacted by the doctoral candidate’s supervisor, but it’s important to note that the examiners are experts appointed by the Faculty and examiners must submit their statements to the Faculty only.Besides taking the form of a monograph, the dissertation may also be a compilation of several separate scholarly articles or manuscripts (i.e., an article dissertation).The maximum length of a monograph is normally approximately 250 pages.Education leadership is the foundation of success in schools as it inculcates morals of higher values to students even as they step ahead of the success ladder.In most cases, this is usually governed by an authoritarian leadership whose goal is to set examples.


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