Does The Fame Essay Change From Year To Year

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Through a variety of readings, discussions, and writing assignments, students in this course will examine how threats to the natural environment are influencing our ways of living, and how communities are working to create more balanced lifestyles, social structures, and economies.

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By looking at the writing produced in different academic disciplines, our class will better understand the programs of study that are available on campus.

We will discuss important communication strategies and use various research practices to write analyses of different written documents.

Through our readings, viewing of the films, as well as extemporaneous, researched-based and multimodal writing assignments, we will explore the power of friendship and how it is portrayed by Tolkien in his works.

Instructor: William Falla Science fiction is simultaneously familiar and strange.

Instructor: Deborah Appler Research shows that a yoga practice can improve our writing skills by filling our creative wells, releasing fear, helping us find our authentic voice, and improving concentration.

Assignments include writing field notes regarding your experiences with yoga; writing a series of analyses where students critically evaluate scholarly and non-scholarly sources; participating in written discussions boards online; writing an annotated bibliography; writing reflections about extracurricular activities that you participate in for the course and for your own enrichment; among other writing genres.Students will gain insights into understanding death and critically analyze written and media formats.Instructor: Paulette Dorney century to create sustainable modes of living and working in a global environment that is increasingly at risk.This course will consider classic and contemporary works of science fiction in order to explore how the genre provides a unique lens for both critiquing social issues, and imagining more just and equitable futures.Along the way, we will draw from interdisciplinary resources to interrogate, through multiple forms of writing, our definitions of science, justice, and fiction, working with and against these terms to open up new inquiries into important problems of the present.Instructor: Tristan Gleason The preeminent environmental activist and writer Bill Mc Kibben recently called climate change “the greatest crisis humans have yet faced.” In readings, documentaries, videos, and interactive graphics, we examine the evidence of this global phenomenon and consider the current and future effects on both the planet and its inhabitants.Since forecasts of an ever-warming planet can verge on the apocalyptic, we step back and survey a range of strategies that countries, states, organizations, and individuals have adopted to address this greatest of crises.The subject area focus of each section of First-Year Writing Seminar varies, but all sections are similar in their approach: students develop the skills of critical reading, research, argumentation, revision, and reflection; and students work collaboratively with classmates, the instructor, and the Writing Fellow to improve writing, build community, and explore available campus resources to achieve academic and personal success during their time at Moravian. This course provides opportunities to read, watch, discuss, and write about how politics and Christian biblical rhetoric are interwoven in contemporary U. society as well as used by political candidates to sway votes in their favor.Exit polls following the most recent presidential elections suggest that biblical beliefs about social issues often influence how one votes.We join their efforts by researching and crafting climate change action plans for the places we call home.Instructor: Mark Harris Much like an adventure, our experiences in college offer us the freedom to explore and discover new things.


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