Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Essay

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He claims that all human beings have good and evil within themselves and that there is another side to every individual.

He places his message as a theme throughout the book and almost everyone and everything revolves around duality.

This helps enhance the readers’ pity as well as expertly conveying a crisis point that helps my understanding of the text as a whole.

The moment of Jekyll’s crisis leads him to self-exclude himself from both society and his friends, and Stevenson’s expert use of language and skilful evocation…

Therefore in this essay I will look at how the crisis point is achieved through literary techniques and how this helps my understanding of this text as a whole.

“Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” deals with a noted doctor, (Jekyll) who slowly throughout the text develops into his other nasty side, (Hyde).

and shaded with a swart growth of hair.” This stark contrast emphasises Hyde’s “animalistic and troglodytic nature” and shows how different he is from Jekyll.

Stevenson convincingly shows the extent of Jekyll’s horror by clever imagery, describing the terror in his breast as being “as sudden and as startling as a crash of cymbals.” This terror is because he has “gone to bed Henry Jekyll” and then “awakened Edward Hyde.” His sleep here symbolises his weakness- the switching off of his mind so that Hyde can pounce upon him and shows how vulnerable we are to our base desires.

Therefore, Hyde could be killed if found by the police or if Jekyll commits suicide.

Hyde is frightened of Jekyll and is no longer in control of his own destiny. It is these questions that lead the reader to doubt their feelings towards the two characters.


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