Elements Of A Research Proposal

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He discussed changes that the division has identified since 2003 designed to improve the program.

One is to be clearer about what the RFA is designed to produce.

• Do hands-on laboratory experiences and laboratory skills acquired as undergraduates affect entry into graduate school?

• How do students’ perceptions of the social culture of a research-intensive university versus a university that is more bal- anced between research and teaching affect their career choice?

For example, is the duration of the inter- vention that is proposed so short (minutes, a day, or a brief sum- mer session) that it is unlikely to have a measurable effect on the outcome?

THE ELEMENTS OF EFFECTIVE RESEARCH 27 • Are the outcome measures a valid indicator of whether the student will eventually go into a biomedical research career?

• With respect to the decision to enter (or remain in) a research career, can the influence of peers, family, community, and economics be distinguished, measured, linked to outcomes, and modified?

Singh provided data on the research community’s response since the RFA’s 2003 inception, including the number of applica- tions received and funded.

24 THE ELEMENTS OF EFFECTIVE RESEARCH 25 • Can an optimum window for intervention be identified either by student age or level of maturity?

• Can behavior patterns critical for a successful biomedical or behavioral research career be taught effectively?


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