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Hamlet then goes to kill him, now convinced but finds him praying.He decides that killing Claudius in prayer means he would go to heaven, so vows to kill him later.

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Polonius’s death is accidental on Hamlet’s part, yet it gave us the first sign that Hamlet was actually capable of violence and avenging his father.It is interesting to consider that the play shows us how many uncertainties our lives are built upon .The message we can take away from Hamlet is that it is much more difficult to make decisions with narrow judgements, no matter how important they may be.Hamlet pleads insanity for the crime, which is not difficult for those around him to believe, which is why he is not instantly put to death.The play shows Hamlet’s long journey to reach the ‘state of "readiness" for death’ , whereby he is no longer afraid.He believes his madness is ‘the very ecstasy of love’.and that he does not love her or want to be with her.His altogether tragic dilemma is to try kill Claudius without becoming the same beast he holds him to be.Hamlet deliberates whether or not his uncle did commit murder, and he tries to find proof, such as using a group of travelling actors.The role of madness is used to disguise facts and reveal hidden sides of the characters.The world of other people is to us, a world of appearance, and Hamlet is fundamentally, a play about the difficulty of living in such a world.


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