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You can also go to the coast and hear against the coast to the wave's lip.

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Nature is our greatest friend as we reside on Earth, encircled by nature.

It gives us the energy to reside here, it gives us water for drinking, simple air for breathing, food for eating and soil for staying, livestock, crops for our other customers, etc. People have to appreciate nature to the full without interrupting their ecological equilibrium.

That is the trees, the hills, the ponds, the livestock, etc.

One of the greatest stuff that can occur to you is to experience nature.

Nature needs to be correctly cared for and kept smooth and tidy, preventing it from being destroyed so that we can appreciate our nature indefinitely.

Essay About Nature For

Nature is the most valuable gift that the Lord has allowed us to appreciate but not to damage it. But while we enjoy the blessings that she gives us, we overlook that in the future we are plundering her possessions and thus denying our kids the enjoyment of loving nature in all its abundance and diversity.

You can leave the home the next moment you're stressed or disturbed and have a garden or stroll in the park.

You can hear singing birds or just imagine your face flowing with the breeze.

The mighty roots had endured such whips and scorns as had been cast upon it, but the old tree had survived, a pillar of twisted iron and horn against the now sickly sky. In the deep crevices between the tufts of grass, the shadows stalked slowly upward, submerging the sandy earth in an inky sea. Tiny children of the mother tree, they were doomed to live out their lives under her suffocating blanket of branches.

The sun sank until only its last, thin razor of light glimmered over the fields. Now as they gazed upward, innumerable points of light gazed back.


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