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The last article of this literature review basically…

The achievements, successes or accomplishments we gain in school are the part of best school life years.

Even though various forms of technology for students have been in use for nearly a century, rapid change in technology and the educational context have resulted in a small body of research relevant to today’s conditions that can serve to guide instructors, planners, or developers.

The temptation is to attempt to apply or adapt findings from studies of K–12 classrooms learning, but K–12-distance education is fundamentally unique.

Those achievements in middle, high school or college student life may include personal academic achievements and sports or extracurricular achievements.

They may be greatest, the best or the bad but we never forget them.Virtual schooling, like the classroom has limited success in some situations.In an online environment, students may feel isolated, parents may have concerns about children’s social development, students with language difficulties could experience a disadvantage in a text-heavy online environment, and subjects requiring physical demonstrations of skill such as music or physical education may not be practical in a technology-mediated setting.For example, Bond (2002) found that distance between tutor and learner in an online instrumental music program has negative effects on performance quality, student engagement, and development and refinement of skills and knowledge.Students in a virtual classroom show less improvement than those in conventional schools in listening and speaking skills (Barker & Wendel, 2001).Getting a “no” is always hard, and the same question always comes to mind when you hear bad or mediocre news: What should I have done differently?Make sure that by the end of your senior year, your answer to this will be simple: nothing.Student Success in Online K-12 Education A Literature Review The American education system has seen a tremendous growth in online learning programs, defined as learning experiences in which students and instructors are separated by space and/or time.The development of online distance learning environment is a relatively new initiative.Students in virtual schools demonstrated greater improvement than their conventional school counterparts in critical thinking, researching, using computers, learning independently, problem-solving, creative thinking, decision-making, and time management (Barker & Wendel, 2001).Academic advantages over traditional classroom instruction were demonstrated by students in Mexico’s Telesecundaria program, who were “substantially more likely than other groups to pass a final 9th grade examination” administered by the state (Calderoni, 1998, p.


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